Roofers in Dundee

Local roofers in Dundee

There’s no longer any need to worry about the cost of roofers in Dundee. Here at P. Nelson Roofing, we now offer a free roofing survey, helping our customers understand their roofing requirements more clearly.

Roofing faults

Lots of us have been in the situation where a roofing problem pops up out of nowhere. Broken slates, leaks, all sorts of things can occur depending on the type of roof that you have installed. P. Nelson Roofing are simply the best roofers in Dundee.

With our roofers in Dundee boasting over 30 years of experience, our family business boasts the highest level of expertise, combined with the very best customer service that you’ll find in Scotland’s roofing industry. So, if you need help urgently or require something out of the ordinary, P. Nelson Roofing can handle anything. If you need a new EPDM rubber roof, uPVC roofline or a simple guttering repair, we have the tools to do the job.

Trained to do the job

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to roofers in Dundee. Each job differs and requires its own approach, with a separate cost structure. At the heart of our company we appreciate the need for our staff to be trained to the highest degree.

Other roof repair contractors don’t see things the same way. If there’s a corner to be cut or a penny pinched somewhere, then they’re only too happy to oblige. That’s no way to do business as customers deserve for a job to be done well.

By using P. Nelson Roofing, not only will the standard of your work be the best available, but you’ll save money in the long run by not having to pay for repairs weeks after your installation.

Our free roof surveys

Having been in business for over 30 years, customers often tell us what’s important to them. It’s our belief that we should make things as simple as possible as that’s the best way to grow a business.

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we offer free roof surveys to our customers in Dundee. As we use a mobile platform to give us the access we need to your roof, there’s no need for any costly scaffolding. Once our roofing experts have identified the problem, we’ll explain our recommendations in a straightforward, transparent manner.

For you, this means you’ll know what’s required, how much it will cost and how long the work will take. In other words, exactly what you need.

Speak to our specialist roofers in Dundee today on 0800 0563 309, or simply send us an email.