Tiled roofs in Scotland at Nelson RoofingTiled roofs have evolved over the years to the point that they are now a very stylish, contemporary option that can enhance your property’s design.

As the housing market intensifies, the design of your home becomes progressively more important every year. Homes with aesthetically pleasing features naturally have a higher value, with roofs playing a huge role in the look and feel of a house.

What kind of tiles are recommended?

The options are more diverse than simply choosing from either clay or slate tiles. Whilst both of these options can still satisfy, modern options include the use of plastic or concrete tiles. When you speak to the tiled roofs experts at P. Nelson Roofing, our team will consider every detail before making our recommendation.

That said, your opinion will be important too. It’s likely that you’ll have a particular vision for your roof and may already have a preferred option. Once we agree on the type of tiles for your roof, we’ll start planning the work. Our goal will be to leave you with a gorgeous roof that turns heads, capable of leaving the best first impression on all who see it.

Do tiles roofs last long?

They certainly do. It’s common for a tiled roof to last for upwards of forty to fifty years, especially if the installation was meticulous and proper. So whilst that’s an enormous benefit, it’s critical that you employ a trusted, reliable roofing expert to handle the installation.

Nelson Roofing has been handling the repair and installation of tiled roofs for over thirty years. In that time, we’ve been tasked with the repair of countless tiled roofs that were installed by cowboy builders, leaving their clients with a shoddy product that had no chance of lasting.

Tiled roofs – timeless appeal

Beyond the simple aesthetics and durability of a tiled roof, the character of the tiles should be considered. Clay tiles are renowned for the nuances that they bring to the design of a roof, mellowing over the years but never fading.

After years of taking a battering from the Scottish elements, you need to have the confidence that your tiles can withstand the weather’s barrage and still retain their charm. This is where the choice of tile can become tricky as all of the options meet this criteria. Modern tiles such as concrete and plastic can handle this too. Ultimately the customer will decide, but each and every option is more than capable.

Finance Options Available

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