Slate roofs at Nelson RoofingIf you’ve ever considered having a slate roof installed, you’re not alone. We take calls from customers every day with questions about installing slate roofs.

We handle every aspect of slate roof roofing work, from their repair to their installation. To do this, we employ a workforce that’s highly trained and with plenty of slate roof experience.

Customisation options

Where customers like to get involved is when they choose the tiles that we’ll install. Slate roofs have the potential to be beautiful once completed as there is a wide choice of tiles available. Once you’re satisfied with how the final product is going to look, we’ll start planning the job.

Our slate roof experts have a number of variables to consider, primarily the size, weight and surface of the tiles themselves. Installing tiles on a slate roof is often a finesse job as the tiles are fragile enough to crack when mishandled. When you consider the cost of the tiles, paying for replacements is the last thing you’ll need.

Repairing slate roofs

If the weather’s bad, it’s possible that you may need periodic repairs to your slate roof, even if it’s a simple tile replacement. If you notice a single tile out of place, contact P. Nelson Roofing as even one little gap can be enough for your roof to suffer damage.

Fortunately slate roofs are incredibly durable and draw a lot from their natural composition. The slate’s density is renowned for contributing to a building’s temperature, in addition to being fully recyclable and fireproof. As you can see, a solid installation should prevent you from enduring multiple repairs over a short period of time.

Do I have to choose a certain slate?

Not really, when you speak to our experts we’ll present the available options and offer our recommendations. Clients tend to concur with our advice as we’ve got the experience to know which option is best.

The options that we’ll choose from are either;

  • Local slate
  • Man-made slate

Local slate is the long term, more expensive option. This is entirely down to its relative durability to man-made slate as it will last far longer, whilst offering additional benefits like being fire and frost proof. It’s easy to tell where the slate is from with different areas of the UK offering distinctive characteristics such as colours.

Man-made slate comes at a lower cost only due to its lower lifespan, so this slate will need to be replaced more often. This type of slate can produce tiles that have a more manufactured look to them, but it’s often the case that clients prefer that.

In each case we’ll present the pros and cons of each and help you reach a decision.

Finance Options Available

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