Liquid rubber flat roofing in ScotlandA lot of the flat roof installation options available at P. Nelson Roofing involve the stripping of the old roof beforehand. So, what happens when the old roof can’t be stripped?

Liquid rubber – how it can help

If you’re looking to have a cost-effective roof refurbishment completed, and may have circumstances that would prevent us from stripping your roof – then a liquid rubber flat roof will be your best option.

The liquid rubber can be applied to pitched or flat roofs, so we welcome initial enquiries from all customers. The installation is incredibly quick as our technicians simply spray the rubber on top of your existing roof surface. You may have felt, timber, concrete or something more exotic – our professionals can handle it.

You don’t need to worry about weather conditions either. Once the rubber is sprayed onto the roof, it sets within seconds, giving us the capacity to install hundreds of square feet in a day. The rubber’s elasticity is such that it can cope with persistent structural movements, protecting you from unnecessary roof repairs.

What’s a liquid rubber flat roof?

Historically the liquid rubber flat roof has been more successful in the United States as they endure volatile temperature shifts, making liquid rubber one of their most suitable options.

However in modern times the practical benefits are being seen first-hand by households and businesses across the developed world. As described earlier, there are sometimes complications in a roofing job where stripping the previous surface isn’t always possible. The speed and convenience of the liquid rubber roofs are seeing customers flock to P. Nelson Roofing in their droves.

As this is one of the fastest growing areas of our business, it’s advised to contact us to avoid any delay in surveying your property.

Speak to our liquid rubber flat roof specialists today on 0800 0563 309, or send us an email.