Leadwork in Scotland at Nelson RoofingOf the most widely used roofing materials, lead has by far the most longevity. This durability means that lead has more practical applications in the roofing industry.

Why is lead still being used?

Our roofing experts have been working with lead sheet for decades. You can trust P. Nelson Roofing to find the right balance with our chosen materials as we’ve been doing this work year in, year out.

Scotland has a high volume of homes and properties that use lead in their roof structure. What you’ll find is that because lead is one of the oldest roofing treatments still being used, there are plenty of roofs that are overdue for repair. There are many reasons for this, uppermost of which is the lack of planning by the roofers who initially installed it. As you’d expect, it’s the unforeseen circumstances that are coming back to bite customers across the country.

Nowadays the techniques in using lead sheet for roofing purposes have changed. Like anything else, innovation has occurred over time and now the old practices are obsolete. P. Nelson Roofing are here to help with any leadwork issues that you are worried about.

How do you use lead in roofing?

There’s actually a diverse range of treatments which we can use lead for. Whether its specialist lead welding, lead installation, lead box gutters, lead valleys or lead sheeting – we have the experts to deal with it.

As new techniques and best practices are developed, the practical applications for lead will evolve too. The approach we’ve used for over 30 years is to ensure that our staff are not only trained when they join us, but are continually adding to their skills to keep up with the industry. We’ll never send a roofer to your property with a twentieth century solution to a twenty-first century problem.

Leadwork considerations

There are some key criteria that experienced roofers will consider when applying leadwork to a roof. Failure to do so would result in damage to the roof, leaving the customer out of pocket through expensive repairs.

Firstly, it’s important to give the leadwork enough room to manoeuvre. Being able to move is critical when there’s a change in temperature from summer to winter, and back again. Experienced roofers in Scotland will take precautions when fixing the lead to the roof. If the lead is fixed too tightly, it can curl away from the rooftop, causing damage and potential leaks.

It’s also important to ensure that these lead fixings aren’t too close to the roof’s edge. Again this is to prevent any lifting or curling of the lead which will cause structural damage. It’s also important to protect the underside of the lead from the corrosion that a moisture build-up can cause.

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