Guttering experts - Nelson RoofingA common misconception about guttering in Scotland is that the gutter acts as the entire roofline drainage system. Whilst gutters are important, they are simply a cog in the machine – albeit a vital one.

The importance of rainwater drainage

The easiest type of gutter to recognise is the highly visible roofline gutter. If only it was as simple as fitting those on their own. The modern rainwater drainage system will have all types of gutter, including;

  • Chimney back gutters
  • Roof valley gutters
  • Roof gullies
  • Abutment flashing

Once your drainage system is complete, you can expect your property to be protected from the changeable Scottish elements. This is important as if left untreated, rainwater can lead to water damage, damp and mould growth. That’s to say nothing of the effect of rot on your fascias and soffits, which have the capacity to warp the shape of your guttering system – leaving you with a repair bill.

That wouldn’t be so bad if a typical roof repair bill was manageable, but it can cost thousands for replacement parts and labour. Therefore it’s advisable to act quickly when problems arise, with P. Nelson Roofing willing and able to help you when you need us most.

uPVC guttering

We could write all day about the benefits of uPVC guttering, especially when compared to cast iron gutters. What’s important to remember is that uPVC gutters are affordable, customisable and light.

If it’s a rigid, strong gutter that you seek, uPVC is perfect. Plasticisers aren’t added to the compound so the material doesn’t sacrifice any rigidity for added flexibility.

You should also consider how easy these gutters are to clean. It’s literally a case of wiping them with a damp cloth and they look brand new. Marks, scratches and scuffs are hard to spot which is an added bonus. The aesthetic value of your property won’t be damaged through your use of uPVC guttering in any way.

Our gutter recommendations

Due to the integrity of our surveyors, we’ll never advise a customer to install a new guttering system when the old one can be saved. If there’s a way where we can salvage your existing parts then we’ll certainly try to do it.

Our number one recommendation is for all home and property owners to be vigilant and proactive regarding their gutters. Keeping an eye on potential damage and ensuring that gutters are emptied are examples of best practice. Waiting for damage to occur is always a recipe for disaster.

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