Fibreglass roofing at Nelson RoofingSometimes referred to as GRP roofing, our fibreglass roofing installations offer a robust solution that will protect your property.

In most cases, fibreglass roofing is best suited to smaller projects such as sheds, pipes and tanks. This is owed to the lightweight nature of the fibreglass, which has its own benefits but doesn’t make it a good solution for large roofing projects.

Typical fibreglass roofing

Even though it’s more commonly used for smaller roofing projects, that doesn’t mean that the strength of the material is diminished. In truth, fibreglass roofs have the ability to withstand damage from not only the weather, but from chemicals too.

The durability of the product is incredible. To give you an idea of the longevity, it’s a reasonable expectation that a fibreglass roof can last for up to 50 years – with little to no maintenance. When you factor in the relatively low manufacturing cost and the fact that fibreglass will never corrode, you’re left with a product that has deep industrial value.

Our fibreglass roofing experts will explain the installation process in-depth as it can be quite involved. There’s a general process that involves stripping the old roof, applying decking, lamination and the application of a protective top coat. What’s important is that we have a full and thorough appreciation for the optimal installation process, in addition to the weather conditions.

Benefits of fibreglass

Having tested fibreglass against the other roofing products in the market, what’s clear is that the product has a unique list of benefits with immense practical application. These include;

  • Strong, robust material. Great protection.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Lightweight, versatile product.
  • Little-to-no maintenance required.
  • Unrivalled durability.
  • No joints or seams.
  • Perfect for sealing complex shapes and fittings.
  • High levels of security.
  • Customisable colour range.
  • 25-year guarantee.

With fibreglass roofs, there can be a lot to discuss to put your mind at ease. Call our fibreglass roofing experts today on 0800 0563 309, or send us an email.