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Has your property got peeling, flaking and cracked exterior paint ??

When your home or commercial property starts to look tired and suffers from peeling flaking or cracked paint. Having your property professionally restored using our wall repair system will make your property look like new, but more importantly it will stay looking like this for years.

Painting is one of these jobs most of us hate to do.  It can also be time consuming and costly, especially if there are hard to reach areas that require scaffolding, long reach ladders.

By using our cherry picker access platform to access hard to reach areas fast and easily, this eliminates the costs for scaffolding or long reach ladders saving time and money.

We Renovate, Repair and Protect exterior wall surfaces for houses and commercial properties.

The exterior wall coatings we use can significantly outlast normal paint and have much greater resistance to weather and can provide a more attractive finish.

When painting on a smooth maisonary surface the traditional method of painting is to use a brush or roller.

A home or commercial property with a very rough exterior surface such as pebbledash, rough cast or spar dash can sometimes be a little more difficult to paint , but with our wall coating systems, and wide range of colours, you can be guaranteed a high quality finish.

To have a high quality finish you will require many coats of paint and even then, by the nature of how the paint was applied, some hard to reach areas may only have a very thin film of paint which in the long term is not ideal for the longevity of the paint.

Many properties that require exterior painting may also require repairs to the underlying surface at the same time.

Cracks, flaking, and blown render that may need to be removed and replaced with new render. To make these repairs invisible and blend into the surface these repairs can be hard to do.

Exterior walls should be surveyed at regular intervals by professional roofing experts. Whether you’re in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, or beyond – P. Nelson Roofing is the external wall painting specialist to call.

We Repair Paint & Renovate Masonry Surfaces Such As:

  • Pebbledash
  • Smooth render
  • Tyrolean
  • Spar dash
  • Rough Cast
  • Brick
  • Breeze block
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Harling

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