EPDM rubber roofing at Nelson RoofingThere are many advantages to installing a new flat rubber roof with P. Nelson Roofing. The technology we use in this case is produced by Firestone, who have designed their EPDM rubber roofing to be both flexible and durable.

Isn’t this just a flat roof?

Definitely not. The special rubber has been manufactured to adjust to variable conditions such as temperature or structural movements. The chances of paying regular repair bills will be greatly reduced as you’re essentially future-proofing your building against roof repairs.

Many different types of building can have these flat rubber roofs installed, so you should always consider speaking to our experts before making your decision.

What if it all goes wrong?

Don’t worry, in the rare instances where there’s a problem with the EPDM rubber roofing, P. Nelson Roofing are proud to offer a 25-year guarantee on our installations.

If you consider our track record, excellent standard of work, specially trained workforce in addition to the 25-year guarantee, all of your bases are covered. P. Nelson Roofing will get the job right.

Benefits of EPDM rubber roofing

It’s certainly fair to say that a brand new EPDM rubber roofing installation can look stunning, but there are more advantages than the aesthetics. Our experts can discuss each of these with you, but the main advantages include;

  • Incredible durability
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • The rubber adjusts to temperature and structural shifts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Compatible with more complex roof installations

Revisiting the aesthetics for a moment, the rubber comes in a variety of colours, capable of enhancing the look and feel of your property. This is especially valuable if you’re upgrading from a felt or PVC roof. Customers upgrading to rubber roofs are always amazed by the difference.

If you have any questions for our flat roof experts, call us now on 0800 0563 309, or send us an email.