Chimney repairs in Scotland

The Scottish weather isn’t always kind to our roofs with chimney repairs often being in huge demand. Organising a repair isn’t easy, especially when roofing contractors are fully booked.

We’ll get to you fast

Having grown over the last 30 years, P. Nelson Roofing have the size and scope to respond to your needs quickly. Besides that, there’s a lot that can go wrong with chimneys, so having local experts on-hand isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Common chimney repairs

The flow of hot and cold air through your chimney can have an impact on the temperature of your property. Referred to as downdraught – it can be unpleasant to deal with additional warmth or cold in the winter and summer months.

Beyond temperature, chimneys have the tendency to deteriorate and collapse without the proper maintenance. A collapsing chimney is something that should be avoided at all costs due to the danger to you, your family, and your property – to say nothing of pedestrians in the street. Collapses can arise from not having the brickwork repointed or from more elaborate structural failures.

Chimneys should be surveyed at regular intervals by professional roofing experts, to a schedule recommended by specialists. Whether you’re in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, or beyond – P. Nelson Roofing is the chimney repairs specialist to call.

What repairs will my chimney need?

The first step in identifying the problem is to survey the chimney. Our experts won’t have to erect scaffolding to access your roof, we’ll instead use a mobile platform which simplifies the survey process. What we find once we get up there is anyone’s guess, but the work will fall into one of the following categories;

  • General chimney repairs
  • Repointing
  • Chimney removal
  • Vent installation

Going back to the consequences of chimney failure, it’s really not worth turning a blind eye. There are many other liabilities that you could incur beyond physical injury. Chimney repair relies on a proactive approach, spotting danger before it gets out of hand, whilst giving experts regular access to prevent a disaster.

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