Bitumen felt flat roofing at Nelson RoofingFor a traditional way to protect your roof, consider bitumen flat roofing with P. Nelson Roofing.

Our team of professionals are well practiced in the repair and installation of bitumen flat roofing. With that knowledge, we’re able to offer an affordable, cost-effective solution that you’ll be delighted with.

What kind of roof is this?

The idea behind bitumen flat roofing is to form an impenetrable barrier between your property and the weather. When we say impenetrable, we take it seriously. That means we design a roof with multiple layers, capable of withstanding whatever the weather can throw at it.

One of the most important treatments we apply is a top layer of waterproof material to the roof’s surface. This gives you added protection from any residual rainwater that may sneak through otherwise. All of these layers are then rested upon a base or deck, usually made from concrete or timber.

Installation – fast and easy

The installation of the new roof is made progressively easier by having a choice of suitable adhesives at our disposal. We’ll discuss these with you and offer our recommendations, with the goal being a safe and secure installation.

Our roofing experts will then decide on the best method of finishing the installation. The size of your roof is usually the deciding factor in a choice between a torching application and a ‘pour & roll’ technique. Generally the rule is that the smaller the roof, the more often we’d use a torching application – however we’ll always discuss this with you.

The choice is yours

Ultimately the choice will be yours in terms of the materials we use, especially when considering the aesthetic appeal of the roof.

If it’s ever advantageous to use different materials such as metal decking, concrete roofs or timber then we’ll be flexible enough to accommodate that. The key is to discuss your requirements with us as planning is a crucial element of any job.

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